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Everyone knows Washington, D.C. for being the nation's capital where decisions are made that affect the country itself and impacts the world at large. But between the time that politicians and special interest groups like to use the city as the reason for all that ails America, it has a more intimate side. This is the side that one could think of as the "local" aspect of the city. I think if people understood what really exists within the boundaries of this diamond shaped (minus a complete side) metropolis, their perspectives may be altered considerably. As AWashingtonWoman will continue to focus on some of the wonderful women who make up the fabric of the DMV (a term used for the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and includes: the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia), we will also strive to give you a little of the backstory, as objectively as we can. So it's been a year since this all began and without really trying, this blog has exceeded what our expectations were. So we are thinking that with a little love and a lot of integrity, we can share some real true insight which can be entertaining as well as informative. Who knows?.... Maybe it will even be ..... helpful.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Capitol File.... Why We Don't Recognize Your Capitol City

First of all, let me say I applaud the idea of magazine that covers this awesome and interesting city. However, I have been giving the publication a free pass for more than a couple years now. I keep waiting to see some cover that speaks to me... calls my name. Nothing. Today, I checked Facebook and as they promoted the upcoming issue, I couldn't take it anymore. Who are these people/

O.K., as a native, I am accustomed to omissions of the true locals. For a few years, I would recognize familiar faces in the social columns of newspapers like the Washington Post. Then even the remotely familiar faces started to fade.

When is this trend going to stop. Clearly there are people who are from other areas wanting to project "their" images onto "their" nation's capital. I have had this experience in every arena from the fashion industry to the new t.v. shows and in between. Sad thing about it for corporate America. "Corporate America, you leave an awful lot of money on the table as a result of this blind arrogance (and you misrepresent in the process). Then you wonder why your events are not well attended or why sales are falling flat." It's because you don't have a clue on how to access this city.

Capitol File, I want to buy your product. I want to promote it. It does have an attractive look... By industry standards, it's "sexy". But I just can't bring myself to do so. I can't bring myself to recommend it. And I want to see it last. We need you but we can't allow ourselves to loose ourselves in the process.

As I started this blog, I began to look for stories, ideas, images of just a few of the very fascinating and progressive women in this area. I have been surprised to see how few I came across. Do you mean to tell me, you can't find any real people who are compelling and exciting?

Please don't. It simply isn't true.

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