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Everyone knows Washington, D.C. for being the nation's capital where decisions are made that affect the country itself and impacts the world at large. But between the time that politicians and special interest groups like to use the city as the reason for all that ails America, it has a more intimate side. This is the side that one could think of as the "local" aspect of the city. I think if people understood what really exists within the boundaries of this diamond shaped (minus a complete side) metropolis, their perspectives may be altered considerably. As AWashingtonWoman will continue to focus on some of the wonderful women who make up the fabric of the DMV (a term used for the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and includes: the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia), we will also strive to give you a little of the backstory, as objectively as we can. So it's been a year since this all began and without really trying, this blog has exceeded what our expectations were. So we are thinking that with a little love and a lot of integrity, we can share some real true insight which can be entertaining as well as informative. Who knows?.... Maybe it will even be ..... helpful.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"AWashingtonWoman" .... Your Source for Credible Examples of a Native Washingtonian's Perspectives

So much has transpired since the last entry. September has been extraordinarily busy and taxing. This was the month that Washingtonians came back from beaches, vacations etc... We got back to work, sent kids back to schools and kicked off the political season in high gear. This is not to mention that September signals the begining of fundraisers, festivals, and a host of social events. The fall television line up was launched. And for all practical intent and purposes Washington, D.C. has elected a new mayor. Yes, the period of reflection for 2010 has come to an end and with that "AWashingtonWoman" has done some soul searching of it's own. We launched our concept just a couple months ago on July 4th. Our goals were and are lofty. And it is still our intention to be a platform for women from the metropolitan area. But as we reflected and had some frank internal discussion "AWashingtonWoman" is going to address issues, events, and human interest stories simply from the perspective of a woman from Washington, D.C. It is our intent that the stories you read will be no less provocative or informative. And over time, as we continue to develop and grow to be what we know we are capable of, we expect that when any entity wants to get respected opinion and representation "AWashingtonWoman" will be a natural source for information, insight and credibility.

Thank you for your patience as we are looking forward to stimulating your curiosity about the views and perspectives of a true native Washingtonian.

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