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Everyone knows Washington, D.C. for being the nation's capital where decisions are made that affect the country itself and impacts the world at large. But between the time that politicians and special interest groups like to use the city as the reason for all that ails America, it has a more intimate side. This is the side that one could think of as the "local" aspect of the city. I think if people understood what really exists within the boundaries of this diamond shaped (minus a complete side) metropolis, their perspectives may be altered considerably. As AWashingtonWoman will continue to focus on some of the wonderful women who make up the fabric of the DMV (a term used for the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and includes: the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia), we will also strive to give you a little of the backstory, as objectively as we can. So it's been a year since this all began and without really trying, this blog has exceeded what our expectations were. So we are thinking that with a little love and a lot of integrity, we can share some real true insight which can be entertaining as well as informative. Who knows?.... Maybe it will even be ..... helpful.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anxities Spread Across U.S. And Washington, D.C. Is No Exception

It has been drummed into most of us sufficiently by this twelth month how horrific and dire our economic outlook is and apparently the effects are being acted out. Yes this recession has been long. And yes there have been sacrifices and will continue to be. But perhaps the most destructive result of all this has been the degree of stress it has caused in most Americans. Washington, D.C. has not been spared.

Overall, people tend to be worried. Here in Washington we have been spared the same degree of challenge that much of the rest of the country has experienced. But what hasn't been spared is the degree of fear and mean-spiritedness that has been generated. So much of the discomfort that is extended to individuals is not natural. It is often man made and artifical. More often than not people are exceptionally harsh to one another. Greed and self interest has risen and compounded the difficulty many are experiencing.

On a positive note, there is also empathy and people being able to relate to others who are also afraid. There examples of compassion and unity. Gradually and maybe even reluctantly Washingtonians are realizing they must pull together. Hopefully this spirit isn't stopping at our city limits. As a matter of fact, it's probably is balancing out all across our nation. At least that is the hope of
"A WashingtonWoman".

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